About Me

Depending on when you talked to me, I told you that I was either a writer or a lawyer or both. Somedays I want to go back to the legal world, donning my smart black suit and carrying my briefcase. Other days, I am content writing in my office, with my daughter sitting with me doing her “writing”, too.  

This blog is my mechanism of coping with life’s changes. I lost my father from a four year battle with cancer in 2009 , I moved to Arizona after living in Texas all my life, and my mother moved in with us. Life is full of changes, mostly unexpected, so this blog is my perspective on life and everything in between.

I am currently writing a memoir on my perception of grief and how its shaped me to appreciate ordinary graces.

I welcome your comments and hope you keep reading. You can contact me at rudrip@gmail.com.

13 responses to “About Me

  1. Heather

    I have just discovered your blog! I look forward to reading all your posts. For now, though, I’d like to say that the fruit cake post was very touching. I can honestly say, I never pictured you chowing down on fruit cake but I can certainly understand why the thought of it would fill you with warm memories.

  2. Hi Rudri,
    I loved and devoured the “fruitcake” story. Fruitcakes are a definite midwestern, baby-boomer tradition. Married and raising children in the seventies and eighties, fruitcakes from the healthy varieties of wheat flour to the whiskey-soused versions of some (not-to-be-named relatives) brings back chuckles (and maybe a hic -cup or two…). Thanks much for the yummy walk down memory lane! Trish

  3. aarti

    Hey Rudri, it’s Aarti. I am not sure how I stumbled upon this but your writing is so interesting. As you know Manish and I have 4 kids. Just like your sidewalk chalk story Manish and I got choked up at the thought of our oldest son graduating in only 5 more years. We wonder where time goes, but it goes so fast. We thank God for all the happiness and understand that each moment is to be treasured because life is ever changing.

  4. I really like your blog

  5. Tracy

    Wow! Thanks for telling me about your blog – I logged on as soon as I got your e-mail telling me about it – I had no idea! I just read your most recent post and it’s fabulous! I had to chuckle about your experience growing up without really getting to “play outside” as a kid. I’m so glad that you are making sure to not hold Nandini back in that same way!
    I can’t wait to read more…you are an excellent writer!

  6. Traci Carl

    Hey Rudri. Glad you had fun in Texas,. We’ll have to get the girls together soon. I wanted to send you a site that has some freelance jobs. Some are bogus, but it’s a good place to start. I also asked our Lifestyles editor if she is in the market for stringers. Best, Traci

  7. Cecilia

    hi Rudri, I just found your blog through Justine’s post today. I just read your top post and loved it. I look forward to coming back and reading your other posts.

  8. Angie Rusch

    Hi Rudri,

    We have alot in common (although I’m alot older than you) after reading your blog. I went to school for Criminal Justice, having in mind I would pursue Law and instead went on to Forensic Science at GWU. I just finished my first book that I wrote for andwith my Father who has been battling Cancer for the past 4+ years back in Baltimore and practically lives at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It’s been very hard; especially, long distance. I look forward to our little girls going to school together next year; your oldest, my youngest. 😉 Even with the age difference and my experience, you can always learn from eachother. I have lived all over the world and Arizona is new to my family and I, as well; however, I know exactly what Nandini means when she says, “forever.” It’s that *safe* feeling… it’s that feeling of “home.”


  9. Joanna

    I just stumbled upon your website and i’ve been glued to the screen for a few hours!Your writing and your topics are amazing!Im so glad i found your website!

  10. Yay, another Being … blog! Good luck with it!

  11. I love your “About” page because I can absolutely relate. Some days I long to go back to entertainment finance, other days I’m glad for my current flexibility because I can fight with my daughter all that much more. 🙂

    Seriously though, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only conflicted one out there. Lovely blog!

  12. Hi Rudri,
    I found your blog today via Justine’s blog, and have enjoyed reading, such beautiful writing.

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